'TOP 10' – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 25 - Upward and Onward Productions is seeking young artists-singers for Top 10, to be part of a topnotch (Club date/Corporate Band) live performance opportunity. Synopsis: We are looking for singer who dance (meaning you have to able to do both) between the age range of 18-25 that are able to rock the party. Upward and Onward Productions LLC. is a rising entertainment production company specializing in talent management, music production, branding and much more. Our team has built several relationships with various companies, institutions, and groups. We are not only dedicated to the arts/entertainment …we are also committed to furthering the livelihood and dreams of our fellow artists. Upward and Onward Productions has partnered with some exceptional Southeast regionally based entertainment companies to build the perfect modern/contemporary first-class band. Aiming to start very soon before 2020 - but definitely a start by 2020 in Atlanta GA. Competitive music and band industry pay. Seeking—Singer-Performer: All Genders: 18-25, vocal requirements: have a wide vocal range; able to memorize and learn music in a small period of time; able to emulate different nuances (riffs, falsetto, flowing…); dance requirements: able to pick up choreography in a short amount of time and lock into memory; do the latest dance moves; hold vocal part while dancing; the performer should be physically fit with a fresh look/ youthful quality, well-groomed, have an appearance that is commercially acceptable for pop music with a style (swag) that is fashionably ready for pop culture (ie. Pop/ R&B/ Hip-Hop…); He/She should be ready and able to travel (can leave at the drop of a hat; has a valid passport or able to get one soon); we are strongly looking for people of color; pay is very competitive. Seeking talent from Atlanta GA. Video submission in YouTube format. For more info, visit Video submission audition: YouTube format preferred for video submission. Slate name before song selections (tell us a little about yourself; age and where you’re from). Make sure we see full-body length. What to prepare: three contrasting songs; one minute for each selection. Dancing will need to be displayed in one of the songs or performer will need to prepare a movement piece no longer than one minute. Provide name, number, email address, websites, social media profiles (for minors, parent’s information will need to be included). Send pictures along with resume or bio. Provide any major scheduling conflicts you may have throughout the remainder of the year. Let us know if you’re represented by an agent or have a manager. Email


'SHE WORKS HARD For The MONEY' – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 30 - Arnett & Associates is casting She Works Hard for the Money, a variety cabaret to feature songs sung by female artists. These songs may be from any genre, era, and nationality, as long as the original artist is an identifying woman. Tempo rehearsal prior to showtime (TBD date); performance November (TBD date) at 53 Above Broadway in NYC. Seeking—Singer: 18+. Seeking talent from New York City NY. Apply via or contact the casting company.


'OH TO PAINT A CAT DREAM' – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 1 - L. Samet, coordinator, is seeking performers and a director for Oh to Paint a Cat Dream, Sing a Cat Song. A reading of a poetic fantasy about stray cats, an Amazon book in quasi-rap style. This will be a benefit performance in a 100- to 200-seat space. Three-five performers will songs, fragments to be repeated during the performance. Rehearses in Manhattan. Pay negotiable; could be a performance piece, a poetic fantasy. Seeking—Performers to Read a Cat Book (Lead): 18-90; Performers to Sing Songs and Read Book (Supporting): 18-39. Seeking talent from New York NY. Apply via or contact the casting coordinator.


EXPERIENCED SINGER/VOCALIST To FRONT CHICAGO-AREA COVER BAND – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 31 - Chicago Cover Band is seeking an experienced female lead singer for an existing Chicago cover band. Music is focused around the pop/dance/electronic/Top 100 hits of the 2000s, and now, with remixed versions of '80s and '90s songs. The band has established booking support for fests, local clubs, events, and more. See role description for desired attributes. Rehearsals are 1-2 times a week, lasting until the singer has learned the setlist and a show is developed. Self-study is important, as shows are currently on the calendar. Rehearsal space is on the north side of Chicago IL in a residential area. Pay is split equally between all members (not a tiered system) and can be discussed in more detail through email/in person. Seeking—Singer/Front Person (Lead): Female, 24-39, seeking the following attributes: charismatic, confident rockstar vibe and presence; stage experience with a live band; ability and discipline to self-study and be fully prepared for weekly rehearsals; experience and willingness to work with another singer; availability to rehearse 1-2 times a week to learn our current setlist/show (less rehearsals once completed); fairly open/flexible schedule, especially on weekends (day and night) for shows; comfort and proficiency with talking to an audience; dance skills that fit the music; a fitness level sufficient to deliver an energetic 2+ hour performance; experience or willingness to work with in-ear monitors; interest to be in a great band with pro-caliber people who focus on being successful. Seeking talent from Chicago IL. If interested, apply via & provide a description of your musical experience, performance photos, or a current headshot and an audio sample.


MALE ROCK VOCALIST – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 31 - 500 Fingers Productions is seeking a male rock vocalist to assist on an experimental rock album "Death of the General" with composer/rock producer T.C. Crosser and engineer/mixer Christal Jerez. Seeking to work on a long-term basis with a male rock vocalist that will be paid regularly (see compensation details) from pre-production all the way through to post-production (mixing). Producer states: "This is long term so anticipate about a year's worth of paid work (and potentially beyond). Actual schedule is incredibly flexible with a minimum commitment of four hours a month and actual recording sessions (when we get there, haha) for a maximum of six hours a day (we want our singers at our best and most comfortable). T.C. Crosser has scored music for commercials (such as Microsoft), television (such as 'Visionaries: Inside The Creative Mind'), and performance art companies (such as Leslie Seiters' 'Dance'). Christal Jerez's credits include mixing for massive artists such as Lil' Kim (they just released her album "9"), Jaafar Jackson, and Bryant Myers (just to name a few)." Rehearses TBD at the National Opera Center (next to Madison Square Garden), at Scratch Recordings (T.C. Crosser's Home Studio in Hell's Kitchen); records at Alex Tumay's Chelsea recording studio in NYC. Scratch track/rehearsal sessions: $40/hr. with guaranteed four hours booked a month; $160/four hours always paid at the first of every month. Additional hours booked (when applicable) paid same day. Full recording sessions: $500/day (for a six-hour day with a half-hour lunch included). Seeking—Male Rock Vocalist (Lead): Male, 18-40, for an audio recording project. Production does not have any intention of live performances at this time (but that may change later on). Must be a rock tenor with strong sight reading skills (reading sheet music is a must). Must be able to belt at least a high G and sing at least C below middle C. Producer states: "We want originality but a good template for a vocalist would be something along the lines of either Kele from Bloc Party or for a pop voice something such as the lead vocalist of Dashboard Confessional." This is a paid audio project. Apply via or contact the production company. You must have some form of audio recording of you singing. There will be no open call auditions.


BROADWAY STREET TEAM AMBASSADORS, HOLIDAY SEASON – NOTICE EXPIRES JAN. 1 - theatreMAMA is seeking fearless street team ambassadors to promote various Broadway shows including "Chicago the Musical", "Waitress the Musical," “VOLTA” by Cirque du Soleil, The Radio City Christmas Spectacular,” and more. Street Team Ambassadors will distribute fliers in the Times Square area and beyond. MAMA’s Street Team Department is a successful program operating for twelve-plus years, offering flexible work for performers. theatreMAMA is a living media agency for the entertainment industry, with offices in NYC and Laguna Beach, CA. We have had the good fortune of creating experiential campaigns and stunts in over 40 different markets across the U.S. & Canada but are perhaps best known for being the number one street team company in New York. Over the past 14 years, MAMA has led creative campaigns for over 20 Broadway shows, Cirque du Soleil's tented, resident, and arena shows, as well as Madison Square Garden Entertainment's Christmas, Spring, and Summer Spectaculars, the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers, and many more. We have produced PR Stunts for a number of TV networks including NBC, TNT, TruTV, and FOX, and we are the first marketing/advertising agency in the world to become 100% replanted." Works mainly in Time Square, NYC, but may travel to represent MAMA’s clients at events and happenings all over the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT). Note: Schedule can be part-time and flexible to allow for auditions, callbacks, and other part time jobs. High preference those available to work on holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day). Seeking female performers who can start as of Oct. 1. All NY street team ambassadors are paid a competitive hourly rate. Seeking—Broadway Ambassador (Lead): 18-40, lively, outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, theatrical, motivated, responsible and dedicated; comfortable approaching strangers; exuberantly joyous and happy; capable of inspiring happiness in passersby; good at provoking the imagination and curiosity of others; able to use their theatrical talents to translate into the promotional style on the streets while interacting with the public in character. a lover of the theater and people! Experience in acting, dancing, or singing is a plus. Those who speak multiple languages are strongly encouraged to apply. The schedule can be part-time and flexible to allow for auditions, callbacks, and other part-time jobs. Seeking talent from New York City NY. For consideration, apply via or contact theatreMAMA and submit headshot or picture of yourself and let us know why you’re the best fit to be the newest addition to our family. Add the subject: "Broadway Street Team Ambassadors." Video links welcomed and accepted.


'FUTUREFEST 2020' at 54 BELOW – NOTICE EXPIRES JAN. 1 - Open Hydrant Theater Company and Foundation of New American Musicals is casting FutureFest in NYC. Production states: "This showcase spotlights rising local young talent in a celebration of the next generation of musical theater artists. At FutureFest, middle school, high school, and college-age students, as well as recent graduates, sing songs from new musicals written by leading and rising lyricists/composers." Rehearses some Saturdays in Jan.-Feb. 2020 at Open Hydrant Theater Company in the Bronx; performs Mar. 3 (7pm) at 54 Below in NYC. No pay. The producers are seeking both union and nonunion performers but no union contract is currently planned. Seeking—Musical Theater Singers (Lead): Males & Females, 12-25, seeking middle school, high school, and college-age students, as well as recent college graduates, to represent their alma maters; seeking various singing styles; songs will be from new musicals; if cast, you will be a representative of your school and sing a song chosen by the producers that best fits your voice. Seeking talent from New York NY. Must include any YouTube, SoundCloud, or other links to anything that gives examples of your voice. Casting will not accept any submissions without a singing link of some sort. For more info, visit


SINGING TELEGRAM PERFORMERS – NOTICE EXPIRES MAY 30, 2020 - Singing Telegrams Now is seeking Singing Telegram and Variety Performers in all major US cities for a fun, flexible, well-paying job for entertainers.
-Must have open schedule and flexibility. Ideal candidates are full-time gig workers (no day job with set hours).
-Most gigs are short notice (many same day or next day). Must have reliable transportation. -Must own a smart phone and use our scheduling app.
-Must be on time and reliable. All auditions and training held over video conference; ongoing work. Pays per gig, usually in the range of $100-$180 depending on character, tips, and travel. Guaranteed minimum $80 per gig (gigs are approx. ten min long). Seeking—Singing Telegram Performer: 18-45, Job requirements:

*Must have open schedule and flexibility. Ideal candidates are full-time gig workers (no day job with set hours). Most gigs are short notice (many same day or next day).
*Must respond quickly to gig requests (keep an eye on your phone!). You set your own schedule and you need to be on top of it!
*Must have dependable transportation.
*Must be on time and reliable
*Must own a smart phone and use our scheduling app.
*Must have strong improv skills *Able to carry a tune*Able to work a crowd*Be charming and funny. Singing Telegrams are typically 8 to 10-minute performances consisting of a loosely scripted comedy act and two to three songs. You must be able to improvise and play off the crowd and recipient. Delivery to offices, restaurants, homes, etc. Popular characters include: Marilyn Monroe, Nurse, Cop, Elvis, Austin Powers, Gorilla in a Tutu, Phantom of the Opera, Nerd, Chicken, and many more. You can also develop your own characters. Bonus if you have some costumes already. This is a really great gig for the right kind of person. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). To be considered, send an email to which includes: current photos of yourself and/or links to your media kit; resume; city & state you are located in; phone number; list of any costumes you already have; list of characters you can do or want to do. This is a freelance job. Union/Non-Union welcome to apply (this job is outside of Union purview.) There is no fee to work with us. Performers are paid per gig. Email In your cover letter indicate your availability (i.e. your normal weekly schedule, if you have a day job, etc.). Include your headshot or links to your media kit or backstage profile. For your audition, you will be required to sing and improvise based off of a loose script. Check out some examples of singing telegram characters on our website, In your cover letter, indicate a few options for characters that you would like to perform.





MALE POP VOCAL GROUP – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 31 - 4 Times Entertainment, Inc. is seeking additional members for a male pop vocal group for opportunities on cruise ships and touring. Synopsis: This all-male quartet fuses old and new music in a new way, bringing audiences a one-of-a-kind concert experience. The show is performed with a live band or to track. Seeking members who have a commanding stage presence, strong movement, and solo voices with the ability to hold harmony. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition and will be considered for all roles. Unlike any other four-man vocal group touring today, they uniquely interweave today’s Top 40 hits with re-imagined classics of the last six decades, blending songs by some of your favorite artists including Sam Smith, The Four Tops, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Adele, The Temptations, Sam Cooke, The Weeknd, Billy Joel, Prince, Meghan Trainor, Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé, Nick Jonas, The Eagles and many more. Their show “Mowtoen, Mashups, and More: THe Ultimate Mixtape Experience" has one of the widest demographic appeals of any show on tour today. Ongoing productions in Chicago, Los Angeles, and NYC. Cruise ships: $1000/wk. Single or Shared cabins (depending on the cruise line or ship). Food and non-alcoholic drinks included. Contracts varying anywhere from four days to three months. Possibly performing as many as six 45-50 min shows per week. Single Performances: Up to $500 local/drive - $800 fly dates/show. Single Hotel (unless notified upon offer). Tour routings performances of one week or more: $1000-$1500/per week. Single Hotel (unless notified upon offer). Seeking—Man 1 (Lead): 18-45, High Tenor; Vocal Range A to High C; 25-40 years old; a high-energy role, this member sings solos such as Kiss, Most Beautiful Girl In the World, Isn’t She Lovely, Little Bitty Pretty One, and Workin’ Day and Night; must have a great falsetto; this role does require a dance solo and must be very comfortable speaking to a crowd; Man 2 (Lead): 18-45, Pop/Rock Tenor; Vocal Range F to High C; 25 -40 years old; a charismatic performer with rock/soul belt and a great vocal mix; this member sings solos such as Get Ready, Reach Out (I’ll Be There), Let’s Get It On, Free Fallin’, and End of the Road; Man 3 (Lead): 18-45, Soulful Bari-Tenor; Vocal Range F to High B-flat; 25-40 years old; this member sings solos such as Just My Imagination, Rollin’ in the Deep, Everything (a la Bublé), Uptown Girl, and Stay With Me; must have a great soulful sensibility when it comes to song delivery; Man 4 (Lead): 18-45, Baritone/Bass; Large Vocal Range Low G to High G; 25-40 years old; this member sings solos such as Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, My Girl, and America the Beautiful; must be very comfortable with dialogue and speaking in front of an audience. Apply via or contact the casting company. Read video submission instructions document and submit accordingly. TCM Video Submission Audition Notice










EQUITY, 'WEST SIDE STORY' – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 27 - South Bend Civic Theatre is casting leads for the adaptation of West Side Story in South Bend IN. The production will take place at the 2500-seat Morris Performing Arts Center as a co-production between the South Bend Civic Theatre and the South Bend Symphony Orchestra. Rehearses in South Bend; first rehearsal Mar. 28, 2020; first dress rehearsal April 16; runs April 18-19 at the Morris Performing Arts Center, Chicago IL. Guest Artist Tier I Equity Contract, pays $354 per week min. (plus accommodation). Production states: "EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition. An Equity monitor will be provided. Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition. Always bring your Equity membership card to auditions." Seeking—“Maria” (Lead): Female, 18-30, soprano; “Anita” (Lead): Female, 18-35, mezzo-soprano; “Tony” (Lead): Male, 18-35, tenor. Equity members may sign up through the Member Portal. Chicago Audition Hotline: 877-232-1913, ext. 815.


HOLIDAY CASTING 'CHRIST ADAPTATION & A BLACK CHRISTMAS CAROL' – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 30 - Ujamaa Black American Theatre Inc. is immediately casting for UBAT NYC Holiday Season. Synopsis: UBAT NYC is currently holding auditions for our 2019 Christmas/Kwanzaa Holiday Season which Starts a full production of A Christ Adaptation and A Black Christmas Carol by ubatnyc anthology sitccoms founded by the Late great Titus Walker. Production states: "Ujamaa Black American Theatre Inc. is responsible for keeping the legacy of Harlem alive since the late 70s. All ages and types. beginner Adults and children are welcome to submit pictures and resumes. Ujamaa Black American Theater celebrates 40 years of creating a platform of social and cultural awareness through the arts, and this season we want you to join us in our mission. We are making film transition and will film/perform in the NYC Theater District as well as religious and educational institutions in the tri-state area. Seeking actors [willing to communicate] content of social awareness, while encouraging careers in the performing arts." Black Christmas/Kwanzaa spectacular Audition November 16th ,2019 Production Runs Dec. 15-29; with Award Ceremony runs TBD in NYC. Fee based Program with commission-based stipend, Financial Aid available so you learn while you earn. Seeking—Ghost of Christmas Past (Supporting): All Genders, 18-65, general casting: roles for a new actor who possesses the ability to play various roles and sing R&B, rock, jazz and gospel styles, as well as execute simple choreography; “Black Christ” (Lead): Male, 17-40, Lead Role for a new actor and all-around versatile African American talent, must be enthusiastic and easy to work with. Make up and film Props experienced a plus; “Punches Pilot” (Lead): Male, 18+, Role for an actor who possesses the ability to play various historical figures/Doctor and comfortable with R&B, rock, jazz and gospel styles, as well as execute simple choreography; Young “Jesus” (Day Player): Male, 7-19, an actor who possesses the ability to play holiday figures and sing R&B, rock, jazz and gospel styles, as well as execute simple choreography; Christmas Carolers (Supporting): All Genders, 8-30; “Bradworth” (Lead): Male, 22-65, a new actor who possesses the ability to play various historical figures and sing R&B, rock, jazz and gospel styles, as well as execute simple choreography; “Mary” (Lead): Female, 15-37, an actress who possesses the ability to play various Biblical figures and sing R&B, rock, jazz and gospel styles, as well as execute simple choreography; “Titus” (Supporting): Male, 18-49, A New actor who possesses the ability to play various historical figures and sing R&B, rock, jazz and gospel styles, as well as execute simple choreography; Kwanza Queen (Lead): Female, 18-59, an Actress who possesses the ability to play various Hoilday figures and sing R&B, rock, jazz and gospel styles, as well as execute simple choreography; Police Officers (Supporting): All Genders, 13-50, an actor who possesses the ability to play various figures and sing R&B, rock, jazz and gospel styles, as well as execute simple choreography. Seeking talent from New York, NY. Seeking all ages and types. Adults and children are welcome to submit pictures and resumes. Ujamaa Black American Theater celebrates 40 years of creating a platform of social and cultural awareness through the arts and this season we want you to join us in our mission. We perform in the New York City Theater District as well as religious and educational institutions locally in the tri-state area. Seeking actors that are interested in communicating content of social awareness through the performing arts. Apply via or contact the casting company. Submit your headshot and resume for review.


EQUITY, 'SOUTH PACIFIC, ECC – NOV. 25 & DEC. 10 - Goodspeed Opera House is casting Equity singers and dancers who sing for South Pacific. Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan, book; Oscar Hammerstein II, lyrics; Richard Rodgers, music; Rehearses Mar. 17, 2020; runs Apr. 17-July 2, 2020 at Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddem, CT. Pays $969/wk. Equity LORT Non-Rep LORT B Agreement. Seeking—Equity Dancers Who Sing (Chorus/Ensemble): All Genders: 18+, solid musical theatre dancers who sing; Equity Singers (Chorus/Ensemble): All Genders, 18+, Equity singers who move well. Equity Chorus Calls Nov 25 at 10AM for Equity male dancers who sing & 1PM for Equity female dancers who sing at Pearl Studios NYC 500 (500 8th Ave., 12th floor, 1215-holding, New York City NY 10018) and Dec 10 at 10AM for Equity male singers who move well & 2PM for Equity female singers who move well at the same location (3rd floor, 314 holding). ECC Procedures are in effect for this audition. An Equity Monitor will be provided. Dancers: Bring flats or dance sneakers. Bring picture and resume. Singers: Bring music to sing in the style of the show. No contemporary or pop material. Bring picture and resume. Callbacks Dec. 13. We will not be seeing Non-Union talent at these Union ECC calls; our Non-Union call Dec. 9.


'MADELINE's CHRISTMAS MUSICAL' – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 27 - Woodstock Playhouse is casting adult roles in Madeline's Christmas Musical, a musical based on the popular children's book "Madeline's Christmas" by Ludwig Bemelmans. Synopsis: "In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived 12 little girls in two straight lines." So begins this delightful story of "Madeline's Christmas," just one of the popular stories in the "Madeline" children's book series. Dates: Nov. 30-Dec. 8. Rehearsals and performances take place at the Woodstock Playhouse, 103 Mill Hill Rd., Woodstock NY. Additional rehearsals take place at the Playhouse Educational Campus, New York Conservatory for the Arts of Hurley NY. Pays $500, plus room for the one-week gig covered. Seeking—“Miss Clavel” (Lead): Female, 21-36, mezzo-soprano/alto; 5'8"-5'11"; Clavel is Madeline's disciplined yet loving boarding school French nurse/guardian who watches over the "twelve little girls in two straight lines;" Monsieur Brun/Harsha (Lead): Male, 21-36, baritone; 5'10"- 6'; must be able to portray age; Harsha is the magical rug merchant who helps to make the twelve little girls' Christmas wishes come true. Monsieur Brun is the French history teacher at the boarding school. Seeking talent from New York, Albany, Woodstock NY; Philadelphia PA; Hartford CT. Apply via or visit Online audition process. Include headshot, resume, and video reel.


FUNNY GIRL – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 30 - Regional Theatre of the Palouse is seeking supporting lead need for Funny Girl. and male ensemble lead and ensemble talent 2019-20 Season includes: Funny Girl (Rehearsals begin in July; runs Aug. 15-25), Matilda the Musical (Rehearsals begin Sep. 30; runs Nov. 7-17), She Loves Me (Rehearsals begin Jan. 6, 2020; runs Feb. 13-23), and Thoroughly Modern Millie (Rehearsals begin Mar. 19, 2020; runs Apr. 16-26). Rehearses Mon.-Fri., 6:30pm-9:30pm in Pullman WA 99163. Compensation includes travel, lodging and a modest monthly stipend for the duration of the project. Stipend is negotiable with regards to experience. Seeking—All Roles: 18+, unless otherwise indicated. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). In your cover letter state availability. Include a video with your submission (dance and singing required). For more info about the season and RTOP as a company visit

ROALD DAHL's MATILDA, The MUSICAL – NOTICE EXPIRES FEB. 29 - Regional Theatre Of the Palouse is seeking supporting lead need for Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical (Rehearsals begin Sep. 30; runs Nov. 7-17), She Loves Me (Rehearsals begin Jan. 6, 2020; runs Feb. 13-23), and Thoroughly Modern Millie (Rehearsals begin Mar. 19, 2020; runs Apr. 16-26). Rehearses Mon.-Fri., 6:30pm-9:30pm in Pullman WA 99163. Compensation includes travel, lodging and a modest monthly stipend for the duration of the project. Stipend is negotiable in regards to experience. Seeking—All Roles Open: 18+. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). In your cover letter state availability. Include a video with your submission (dance and singing required). For more info about the season and RTOP as a company visit





THEATRE ARTIST WORKSHOP - The Theatre Artists Workshop (TAW), an actors' gym/conservatory founded in 1983 for professionals living in Fairfield and Westchester counties and environs, is seeking new members. The company presents three public event fundraisers, classic play readings, and "Alternate Night" productions throughout the year. Regular meetings are held every Monday at 7:30pm at the company's 90-seat black box theater in Norwalk CT. Dues for full members are $250/year. No pay. Seeking—New Members: male and female, all ages and types, actors, directors, writers, and technicians, etc. Note: Company performance space is available to members 24/7. To be considered, visit and download an application. For questions, email


TEENS, MUSICAL THEATER LOS ANGELES - Musical Theater Los Angeles is seeking exceptional performers from the ages of 11-17 to participate in a new teen theater company. Performers will be trained in acting, dance, and voice, while working on productions that will be taken around the county. Seeking serious performers who believe this is their calling. Company rehearses Saturdays (9:30am-12noon) in L.A. No pay. Enrollment fee: $675. Seeking—Strong Teen Performers for Theater Company (Lead): Males & Females, 11-17, All Ethnicities. Seeking submissions from Los Angeles CA. Submit headshot and resume for audition appointment. For submission and/or more info, visit





NAKENTERPRISE WEEKLY ARTIST COMPETITION - Nakenteprise Corp is seeking singers and instrumentalists to perform and compete in a Nakenterprise Corp artist competition. For more info, visit or Runs in US, studio located in Westchester NY but competition is nationwide. First place winner receives $250+$250 entry fee ticket to larger competition. 2nd place: $150 3rd place: $50 4th place: $25 5th place: $10. Seeking—Singers/Artists: 18+, All Ethnicities, artist selects two beats to perform. Seeking submissions nationwide/worldwide. The Nakenterprise Creative Artist Competition is for all.


LOTTE LENYA COMPETITION – JAN. 21 DEADLINE - Kurt Weill Foundation is seeking singer-actors to participate in the Lotte Lenya Competition. Synopsis: In 1998, to honor the centenary of the birth of Lotte Lenya (1898-1981), an extraordinary singer/actress and one of the foremost interpreters of the music of her husband, Kurt Weill (1900-1950), the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music established an annual Lotte Lenya Competition. The Lotte Lenya Competition recognizes talented singer/actors of all nationalities, ages 19-32, who are dramatically and musically convincing in repertoire ranging from opera/operetta to contemporary Broadway scores, including the works of Kurt Weill. Total prizes exceed $75,000; individual prizes range from $500 (semi-finals) to $20,000 (finals). Semifinals run Mar.11 or 12, 2020 in NYC; Finals run May 2 in Rochester NY. All semifinalists receive $500 award; finalists receive a minimum award of $1000, or are eligible for top prizes of $20,000, $15,000, and $10,000, and discretionary awards of $5,000 and $3,500. Seeking—Singer-Actors: 18-32. Seeking talent Worldwide. Application must be submitted online with video audition of complete repertoire, due Jan. 21, 2020. Contestants must prepare four selections, total duration not to exceed 15 minutes: A selection from the operatic or operetta repertoire; a theatrical selection (any genre) by Kurt Weill; a song from the “Golden Age” (pre-1968) American musical theater repertoire; and a song from the American musical theater repertoire of 1968 or later. Additional information, guidelines, and application at





WEEKLY VOCALISTS For MUSICAL SCENES PROJECT – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 31 - LifeOfGraysonScott is casting a project showing off an original musical theater scene each week. Looking for various vocalists to take part in the recording for each of these projects. Cast will meet for rehearsal once in Manhattan, and then the recording will take place in composer's home studio in Jersey City, New Jersey. Rehearses in 2020 (weekly) in Manhattan NYC; records in Jersey City, New Jersey. Pays $50 plus travel expenses. Will need to have an active Venmo account to receive payment. Seeking—Lead Vocalist (Day Player): Males & Females, 20-50, will need a vocalist a week to record. Composer would love to connect with multiple singers and musicians, making this a really entertaining project for everyone. Seeking talent from Jersey City NJ; New York NY. There will be multiple genres. Think Postmodern Jukebox for Musical theater, except all the music will be original. Apply via or contact the casting company.


'RESPLENDENT' LIVE CONCERT And MUSIC VIDEO – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 31 - Frostfyre Records is casting singers for Resplendent a live concert put on by Saint Paul's Episcopal Concert Series Walnut Creek. Rehearses Fall 2019 (two 3-hour rehearsals) in North Bay/South Bay; performs in Walnut Creek; music video shoots through spring-summer 2020 in and around Point Reyes national Seashore, Mare Island, Castello di Amorosa, and Calistoga CA. Pays vary by role: $400 for the vocalist ($200 for the completion of the live concert and $200 for all audio voice work and filming); $200 for the cello/cellist ($100 for the completion of the live performance and $100 for filming). Seeking—Lead Vocalist (Lead): Female Vocalist for live performance and music video. Seeking talent from Benicia, Los Altos CA. Lead vocalist applicants should submit an a cappella video audition/cover of "My Heart Will Go On." Apply via or visit







'CALLBACK MONDAYS' OPEN MIC NIGHT - Forslund Theatricals LLC is seeking participants for Callback Mondays, an open mic night. Mason Griffin, piano accompaniment; Runs EVERY Monday at 10pm at The West End Lounge (107th & Broadway, Upper West Side, NYC). No pay. There is no cover. There is a $15 food/drink minimum. Seeking—Soloist: 18+, All Ethnicities. Seeking submissions from New York NY. For submission, visit or contact the company.



Open Mic Nights hosted by TOM SAPUTO

Email Tom at for dates/times at the following locations:

Thursdays at 7:30pm at Pistones (6320 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church VA, 703/533 1885)




ALL INDIE RADIO – Indie bands, Indie CDs, Indie reviews, Indie business, Indie attitude -


CHRIS HUGHES PHOTOGRAPHY - Chris Hughes (photographer) is offering free photography for off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway productions.  Service is ongoing.  All photos taken are available to the participants for no fee.  Seeking—Theater Productions: including cabaret and any other live venue.  Note: Photographer is working on an ongoing project of theater and live entertainment performers and their productions.  For more information, email


DISCOVERING ARTISTS - offers publicity services to musicians and bands.


FREE HEADSHOTS And PORTRAITS For ACTORS, MUSICIANS, DANCERS And MODELS - M. Stephen is seeking actors who wish to have free headshots taken; these will be used for the photographer's portfolio. Photographer states: "I am a photographer updating my headshot portfolio since moving to New York from L.A. In L.A. it was easy to shoot outdoors with natural light year-round, but eastern weather doesn’t allow for this, so I am updating my portfolio to include more indoor studio work. Shoots will usually run one hour or so and there will be more than enough time to try a few different looks." Shoots over the next few months in Brooklyn NY and Fairfield County CT. Sessions will be one to two hrs. No pay. All high-res images, with a select few touched up will be provided. Seeking—Actors: Males & Females, 2+, All Ethnicities. Seeking submissions from New York NY; Fairfield CT; Beacon NY. For submission, visit


GO TO TALENT, BACKGROUND ACTORS - Go To Talent, an online booking service that works with multiple casting directors to acquire background work for its talent, is seeking professional background actors. Contact states: "Go To Talent is like an agency for extras. We are gearing up for pilot season and are now adding new reliable & professional talent to our roster. Background talent manage their own online calendar and casting directors search for talent based on the date they need them. You don't have to submit yourself all day everyday to get work. When using the Go To Talent site, you just wait for the bookings to come to you. Everything is automated with text messaging and email notifications. Go to and fill out an application today! There is currently no fee for our service. No contracts and no obligation." No fees required. Professional pay provided if cast. Productions are ongoing in NYC. Seeking—Professional Background Performers: male and female, 18+, all ethnicities, all types, must be available most days for background work, and be reliable, professional, and experienced. For more info, visit


ICON Magazine – an online music publication, music community and search engine seeking contemporary unsigned/independent artists and bands.  To join, send an email to or visit - an interactive service aimed at musicians and other independent music business people who are serious about their career and want to earn more money with their creative and business ventures.  By combining online, telephone, and in-person networking and consulting, provides a comprehensive resource and community for independent musicians and business people.


INDIE-CONNECTIONS - Indie-Connections (I-Conn)'s goal is to promote the artist's music and send more visitors to the artist's personal website.  No membership fee.  Offers visitors ten
listening stations of quality music screened by their A&R staff.  To qualify, an artist/band must perform regularly; have a personally owned website related to their music - OR - be an
artist/band on an indie label's website and; have quality material that meets professional production standards.  For more info, visit or send email to - The Indie Managers Association (IMA) exists to promote this and the next generation of independent music managers and self-managed artists. – an online service allowing artists/bands to get a list of venues that book live music based on their desired traveling range. The venue lists include the name of the venue, address and contact information.  Artists/bands can also submit a CDROM version of their media kit to the venue through - The interactive music grams which allow users to upload and/or download music, images and text, designed to be a new venue for artists to get their music out. – online site that automates the administration of booking and promoting a band or multiple bands.  It provides an easy to use, step by step guide to finding booking and promotional opportunities, tracking correspondences, issuing contracts, creating itineraries and generating press releases to local media in any market in the country.


PROMOTE YOURSELF! BUY YOUR OWN SPOT ON WEB TV SHOW! - The International TV Show network now has a new show called "New Talent Showcase" for of all types of performers to be seen by casting directors, producers, agents and photographers around the world! Jump start your career. Show your talent and promote yourself!!!!! The first opportunity ever to be put your own self on either a network tv show or a web tv show! REHEARSAL STARTS IN 3 WEEKS. Performer pays a $150 promotional fee to be on show. Seeking—ACTORS, DANCERS, SINGERS, BANDS (Lead): Male & Female, 18-41, All Ethnicities. Submit by calling us for an appointment. There are no auditions involved just a personal interview. Call us at area 424/216-2042.


TWOLIA.COM - Twolia, Inc. is seeking talent for, a new online talent community website for women featuring a music store, shopping mall, talent contest, awards, film festival, blogs, and web TV shows hosted by women from around the world.  Producers state: "Twolia offers an array of entertainment options, including a monthly women's online talent contest, music downloads by independent musicians, a vast array of merchandise, films by female filmmakers, blogs on a number of subjects and web TV shows.  Twolia is a site enabling women to showcase their talents, expertise, and merchandise by providing a personalized online sales and marketing platform for their services, along with fully supported transaction processing to enable them to sell and distribute their products anywhere in the world."  The site launched in Beta version June 16; production is ongoing.  Membership is free; no fees required.  Possible pay provided.  Seeking—Singers and Instrumentalists: to upload, share, and sell their recorded music; Actors and Performers: to compete in online talent contests, categories include comedy, dance, music video, original song, and "the unusual" (for various performing arts and skills); Short Films: for an ongoing online video showcase/film festival.  For more info and to register, visit





NYC MUSIC PLACES – is a free online resource for musicians to find suitable, convenient rehearsal and performance spaces in New York City.


MUSICIAN’S LAIR – – New website providing an easy to use on-line environment where musicians can locate and interact with other musicians; musical groups can identify and fill empty positions; solo musicians can search band listings for openings; members can create their own web page, submit ads, post links, photos, audio/visual presentations, etc.


ONE ON ONE CASTING DATABASE - One on One NYC is seeking performers for its free casting database. Producer's statement: "One on One is a state-of-the-art casting facility with six professional studios. For the past 20 years, One on One has been a leading networking studio helping actors connect with the tv, film and theater industry." Workshops and castings are ongoing in NYC. No fees or purchases required. No pay provided; however, you will get a personalized actor webpage intended to help you get work. Seeking—Young Actors: male and female, 11-18, any ethnicity, to be included in One on One's free casting database, which producer states, "is used by casting directors, agents, managers, and filmmakers who routinely cast out of One on One's studios." Email pix & résumés to is proud to present a unique scholarship awards program featuring an exciting variety of scholarship competitions in MUSIC, Art, Drama, Writing, Journalism, Computers, Dance, and Public Speaking.  Winners will receive scholarships as high as $10,000. That's right, $10,000 for being the best high school Rock Band or Solo Musician, delivering the best Dramatic Performance, designing the best Web Site, being the best Newspaper Editor, or directing the best short Movie! Other cool contests include: writing the best Short Story or Play, being the best Broadway or Pop Singer, delivering the best Speech, performing the best Dance Routine, being the best artist or Photographer, and many more! With so many competitions to choose from, there's guaranteed to be something for everyone. Find more information online at:


WEBSITE SHOWCASE, SINGERS/SONGWRITERS - Who is the Singer is seeking singers/songwriters & instrumentalists to be showcased on a website. Ongoing online. Seeking—Singers/Songwriters/Instrumentalists (Lead): Males & Females, 18-64, All Ethnicities, great voice, know how to play a musical instrument, and have the ability to write songs. Seeking submissions nationwide/worldwide. For more info, visit or


WRITER’S IN THE ROUND NIGHT – The Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) and Songwriters Association of Washington (SAW) are presenting a weekly songwriters’ session in the round.  Evenings will feature some of the area’s most respected songwriters performing their songs and talking about the craft of songwriting.  The event will be held EVERY Wednesday at 8pm at Bangkok Blues Restaurant in Falls Church VA.  For more info, contact Billy Fotis at For information on WAMA membership, visit


YOU OUGHTA BE ON BROADWAY - A new CD called You Oughta Be On Broadway is the answer to the aspiring singer's dream.  Producer Jackie Presti has recorded 12 hit songs from such top Broadway shows as Carousel, The Sound of Music and South Pacific with leading singers and full musical backup.  Then she recorded the same 12 songs without the lead vocal. YOU sing the song with the same full musical backup.  The CD is available for $16.95 at, Footlight Records in New York NY, Barnes and Noble, Borders or online at

YOUNG ARTIST GRANT PROGRAM – Washington DC residents between the ages of 18 & 30 can apply for up to $3,500 for community service projects or $2,500 for independent arts projects.  For more info or to obtain an application form,
visit or call 202-724-5613.





'BEETLEJUICE' INTENSIVE – NOV. 26 DEADLINE - Werk With Bway is seeking participants for a Beetlejuice, the musical workshop intensive. Founder states: "Are you ready to "shake, shake, señora" this winter with the cast of B'way's Beetlejuice?! Work one-on-one in masterclasses with featured stars from BWAY's Beetlejuice, learn healthy pop styling in Vocal Technique, receive three new auditions songs specifically chosen for you in Build Your Rep, learn music and choreography from members of Beetlejuice production team, improve your audition skillset with a Broadway casting director, and audition for a member of the Beetlejuice creative team and receive personalized feedback. You'll have the 5 best "day-O's" of your life at this intensive! Our curriculum allows you to work in small groups to ensure you receive ample one-on-one time with the faculty. We also guarantee you will be coached in a masterclass with a featured Broadway guest artist! Our students have gone on to book Broadway shows, work regionally and attend the top musical theatre programs in the country. Werk! Past guest artists include Eva Noblezada ("Hadestown"), Reeve Carney ("Hadestown"), Derek Klena ("Jagged Little Pill"), Eden Espinosa ("Wicked"), Alice Ripley ("Next to Normal"), Kate Rockwell ("Mean Girls"), Grey Henson ("Mean Girls"), Chris Fitzgerald ("Waitress"), Caitlin Houlahan ("Waitress"), Kara Lindsay ("Wicked"), Gregory Treco ("Hamilton") and so many more. Beetlejuice guest artists to be announced soon! Runs Christmas Break, Dec. 26-30 (10am-6pm) at Studios 353, 353 W 48th St in NYC. After Oct. 29, tuition increases to $1,195. Seeking—Musical Theater Performers: Males & Females, 13+. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Admission is rolling and space is limited. For consideration, apply at Be sure to upload your headshot, resume, and include a video link of a singing audition or live performance clip. Werk With Bway is a by-application and by-audition only program. Submit your application by Nov. 26 for full consideration. Latecomers can submit until Nov. 26 however, we cannot guarantee that your application will be considered. For more info, visit


TV & FILM INTENSIVE With AVALON ARTISTS LEGIT AGENT – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 28 - Acting And Voice Studios is seeking participants for a TV/Film Masterclass. Synopsis: Meet & work with one of the Top Legit Talent Agents in the industry! Craig Holzberg, President of Avalon Artists Group, will be teaching a TV & Film Intensive for adults 16 years old and over. Avalon Artists Group is a full service, mid-size agency representing actors of all ages for film, television, theater, hosting, print, on-camera commercials, industrials and voiceovers in Los Angeles and New York. Many of their clients appear both on and off Broadway and in film, television, and in national network commercials. Always looking for the new, undiscovered talent, Craig can be found conducting acting workshops with actors nationwide. In this Weekend Intensive, each actor will get to prepare and perform 3 scenes that they feel they are a good fit for. Craig likes to see actors work on current material. He will provide feedback on your performance and he may offer adjustments and suggestions for improving your performance. There will also be a Q&A session each day. Actors can ask all of their questions regarding finding representation, securing representation, work without representation etc. Craig is a wealth of knowledge in this industry and has years of experience to share. Class meets Nov. 22, 6:30PM-8:30PM, Nov. 23, 11AM-1PM, and Nov. 24, 11AM-1PM in NYC. Cost: $249 for the 3-Day Intensive. Seeking—Actors: 16+. Seeking talent from New York NY. To register, visit


KIDS, The CAMP BROADWAY KIDS ENSEMBLE – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 28 - Camp Broadway is seeking kids ages 12-16 for The Camp Broadway Kids Ensemble, a musical theater performance group comprised of 50 theater-loving kids. A unique group will be featured in each of four performances of the Sounds of Christmas at Radio City Music Hall. Rehearses the day of performances; performs Nov. 29-30 (7:30pm curtain) and Dec. 7-8 (7:30pm and 8:00pm curtains respectively) in NYC. Program tuition cost: $425. This includes day-of-show rehearsal, performance at Radio City Music Hall, a Camp Broadway T-shirt for rehearsals, and accessories chosen by a costume designer for the performance. Seeking—Camp Broadway Kids Ensemble Cast Member (Chorus/Ensemble): All Genders, 12-16. Seeking talent from New York NY. Visit: for specific details on what is to be included in your video, and how to submit your audition on Acceptd.


The YOUNG AMERICANS COLLEGE Of The PERFORMING ARTS – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 29 - The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts is seeking students for The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts. Auditions are open to high school juniors, seniors, and recent high school graduates. Visit for dates and locations. Classes being fall 2020 in Corona CA. Seeking—Student/Cast Member: All Genders, 17-22. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). School states: "When you audition for The Young Americans you are auditioning to be accepted into The Young Americans Performance Company as well as a student at The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts. The Young Americans was founded in 1962 with the mission to promote goodwill and understanding around the world through music. Five decades later the organization continues to fulfill its mission with performances, outreach tours, and its own college of the performing arts. The Young Americans cast members come from across the USA and around the world to use their talents as singers, dancers, and musicians to inspire audiences of all ages and further the mission of The Young Americans. The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts was founded to enhance the Young American experience by providing cast members of The Young Americans with a learning environment that reinforces the YA experience of innovative and creative learning with academic rigor that advances artistry and leadership skills to establish each student as a lifelong learner. All cast members accepted into The Young Americans begin their journey at the YA College." All applicants will be asked to sing as a part of their audition. Prepare your best 16 to 32 bars of a song, any style, which you will sing a cappella. Choose a song that you feel best shows your range, style, personality, and vocal ability. As a dancer also prepare a short dance routine showing your strongest styles. Apply via or visit


MOMMY And ME MUSIC CLASS ASSISTANT – NOTICE EXPIRES NOV. 30 - Murray Hill Wee One's Club is seeking singers and performers to help assist early childhood music classes to babies and toddlers. Director states: "These are 50-minute to two-hour classes that include teaching tools (puppets, instruments, bubbles, scarves), singing, and strong assistant skills. Assistant will be required to help set up and clean up after class. Ability to play instruments is a big plus, but not necessary. Primarily, we are looking for a singer who is comfortable around babies, toddlers, and parents. Assistants must have prior experience working with or performing for children. In addition, we are also looking for an assistant teacher for our two-year-old preschool drop off program in the morning (Monday through Friday)." Various classes take place between the hours of 9am-5pm in the Murray Hill neighborhood of NYC. Hourly pay. Compensation is on a sliding scale (starting at $18/hr.), contingent on prior experience and background in early childhood education. Seeking—Music Class Assistant: 18-65, co-teacher for the Mommy and Me music classes at Murray Hill Wee Ones Club. Singers who can match pitch/work well with harmonies are a plus. Ukulele skills a plus too. Seeking talent from New York, NY. Apply via or visit Cover letter required. Note daytime availability and prior experience.


JOHN PALLOTTA STUDIO Of ACTING, SCHOLARSHIP WORK-STUDY, PRODUCTION ASSOCIATES – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 31 - John Pallotta Studio of Acting is seeking studio administrative positions and interns for expanding John Pallotta Studio. Works in NYC; Philadelphia PA; Baltimore MD; VA weekly; quarterly intensives in Boston MA; NC, and SC, Atlanta GA; NM, and L.A. Payment can range from free classes and filmed scenes to commission base, depending upon the candidate and position and experience. Seeking—Work Study Assistant (Lead): Males & Females, 18+. Seeking talent from Philadelphia PA; Baltimore MD; Fairfax VA; Washington DC. Include your work resume (not acting) along with a cover letter for consideration. For more info, visit or


ONLINE ACTING COACH LA – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 31 - Online Acting Coach LA is seeking participants for classes/workshops. Company states: "Looking for a monologue written just for you? You've come to the right place. Like any good athlete, everyone needs a coach. Looking for passionate actors ages 7-22 for coaching sessions and workshops. Limited space available for Los Angeles studio classes. From working pros to enthusiastic novices, each lesson is catered to your skill level. Curriculum includes character building, world building, focus exercises and memorization tricks! Learn from working professionals who know the ins and out of the industry and get better every time." Runs TBD in Los Angeles CA. Pay As You Go: $60/One-hour session. Prepaid: $200/4 Sessions. $380/8 Sessions. After a commitment of 8 lessons, you will receive a custom monologue, catered to your type and interest. If you're interested in prioritizing the custom monologue, then we can work out a custom plan catered to your needs. Seeking—Acting Student: 7-30. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Note your interest/experience. Space is limited. More info at


FALL 2019 CLASSES, Including SCENE STUDY and ADVANCED SCENE STUDY – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 31 - Primary Stages ESPA is seeking participants for Scene Study and Advanced Scene Study classes. Company states: “Scene Study with Broadway Actor Kelly McAndrew and Advanced Scene Study with Director Maria Mileaf available for enrollment now at Primary Stages ESPA! Scene Study with Kelly McAndrew will give you an inside look at the work on stages today. In this class, you will learn to make bold choices and ask the right questions to tackle the challenging demands of the form, structure, and language of contemporary and modern playwrights. By the end of this class, you will have valuable rehearsal skills and be able to identify the core action and spine of a scene and translate this into your character work and rehearsal process. Visit for more info. Advanced Scene Study with Maria Mileaf offers a select group of actors an even more rigorous curriculum than our regular Scene Study class. In this class, you will learn to ask the right questions and make bold choices in order to tackle the demands of contemporary texts led by a powerhouse director of new works. By the end of this class, you will know how to set yourself up to win and do all the preparation necessary for inspiration to do its thing. Visit for more info.” Primary Stages ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. Scene Study starts September 17; Advanced Scene Study starts September 18. For other classes, start and end dates vary. All classes held at Primary Stages Studios in Midtown. No pay. Workshop fees vary by class. Discounts for returning students.
ESPA provides students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition: Fall 2019 classes at Primary Stages ESPA are now open for enrollment:

The Art of Auditioning
Instructor: Jen Wineman
In this honest and refreshing discourse among actors and director, you’ll improve your auditioning through making confident choices—both in your audition and in your life as an artist

Being On-Camera
Instructors: Amelia Campbell and Anthony Arkin
Be freed from the pressure to perform so you can focus your attention on learning and refining on-camera skills in a supportive and exciting environment

On-Camera Auditioning
Instructors: Amelia Campbell and Anthony Arkin
This class is an intimate and intensive dive into the preparation and experience of the on-camera audition

Hand-Selected Monologues
Instructor: Gabra Zackman
Ready for a fresh start? This class is designed to give you three new monologues, handpicked just for you;

Fall Classes Open For Enrollment. Fall 2019 classes at Primary Stages ESPA are now open for enrollment:
The Art of Auditioning: Instructor: Jen Wineman
In this honest and refreshing discourse among actors and director, you’ll improve your auditioning through making confident choices—both in your audition and in your life as an artist.
Being On-Camera: Instructors: Amelia Campbell and Anthony Arkin
Be freed from the pressure to perform so you can focus your attention on learning and refining on-camera skills in a supportive and exciting environment.
On-Camera Auditioning: Instructors: Amelia Campbell and Anthony Arkin
This class is an intimate and intensive dive into the preparation and experience of the on-camera audition.
Hand-Selected Monologues: Instructor: Gabra Zackman
Ready for a fresh start? This class is designed to give you three new monologues, handpicked just for you.
The Contemporary Monologue: Instructor: Geoffrey Owens
Having the right monologue is key to showcasing your abilities as an actor and ultimately getting hired. This class seeks to match actors with audition material that makes them shine

Scene Study: Instructor: Kelly McAndrew
This is not the scene study class you took in college. This 8-week class will give you an inside look at the work on stages today

Advanced Scene Study: Instructor: Maria Mileaf
This class offers a select group of actors an even more rigorous curriculum than our regular Scene Study class. Over ten weeks, you will work in pairs on contemporary material, challenging yourself as an artist and as a scene partner

Chekhov Intensive: Instructor: John Gould Rubin
Chekhov is all about character, which means there is no playwright more gratifying to perform for an actor than Chekhov. This intensive will give you the essential experience of wrestling with Chekhov's genius

Solo Performance: Instructor: Judy Gold
Like Anna Deavere Smith, Nilaja Sun, John Leguizamo, Sharon Washington, Sarah Jones, Daniel Beaty, and other brave solo performers who have come before you, this class will guide you through the process of telling your personal story on stage

Alexander Technique for Auditions: Instructor: Karen Braga
Imagine being able to walk into any audition feeling grounded, confident, and centered. The Alexander Technique teaches performers how to release habitual tension for an experience of more freedom, poise, and presence

Acting Intensive: Machinal: Instructor: Kimberly Senior (Director, Disgraced on Broadway)
For actors and directors, some of the most gratifying work happens in the rehearsal room. In this intensive, director Kimberly Senior will lead you through the first week of a mock rehearsal process for Machinal by Sophie Treadwell. Seeking talent from New York City, New York, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan NY. For more info or to enroll, call 212/840-9705 ext.215 or email


The SHAKESPEARE THEATRE COMPANY's ONE YEAR MFA PROGRAM – NOTICE EXPIRES FEB. 16 - Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy for Classical Acting is seeking actors interested in earning their MFA with The Shakespeare Theatre Company's One Year MFA Program. Program Coordinator states: "Rigorous and immersive, the nation's only one-year MFA program includes acting, voice, rhetoric, text, movement, mask, the Alexander Technique, stage combat, clown, as well as dramatic literature, script analysis, and theatre history; the ACA offers a unique training structure that serves as an incubator for fully developed classical actors and theatre makers. "The program is a joint venture with the George Washington University, and upon completion candidates receive a terminal degree - a Master of Fine Arts. Classes in Acting, Text & Rhetoric, Voice, Speech, Mask, Movement, and Stage Combat make up the core of the curriculum." Program runs Aug. 2020-July 2021 in Washington DC. Cost: $43,290. Program Coordinator states: "42% tuition reduction through the George Washington University, and 32% the cost of the national average for an Acting MFA. Scholarships available." Seeking—MFA Acting Students: All Genders, 18+, seeking actors with a facility for language, a solid vocal instrument, a connection to physicality, and instincts toward action and objective. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Auditions: New York - Jan. 19-20, 2020; Chicago - Jan. 26-27; L.A. - Feb. 1; Washington DC - Feb. 15. In the interview, show off your commitment to the acting profession, your work ethic, and your desire for growth. Visit ACA.ShakespeareTheatre.Org to submit your online application. Contact for more information and to schedule an audition.